A Man Who Saw The Future

Borodyanka, Ukraine. Photo by Ales Ustinov

Another Man Who Saw The Future

One man who famously predicted that the West’s involvement in the Ukraine would lead to disaster was University of Chicago Professor John Mearsheimer.

Perhaps less famously, another man who saw the future was journalist John Pilger. This article of his from 2014 is new to me. Perhaps it’s new to you too.

Some of Pilger’s history in that post has a leftist slant (e.g., I don’t recall Ronald Reagan threatening to “lead the world to war”), but his mention of Mohammad Mossedeq there is relevant to my previous post about the current protests in Iran.

Mossedeq was the Iranian prime minister deposed in a U.S.- and U.K.-backed coup in 1953. To this day, Iranians are still angry about it. When people in the West call for solidarity with today’s Iranian protestors, they are effectively calling for opposition to Iran’s current government. The lesson we should draw from their endless anger about our intervention against Mossedeq nearly seventy years ago is to stay out of their affairs.

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  1. […] worth remembering, too, that unlike in Europe, where NATO expansion eventually helped provoke Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there is no similar U.S.-led, explicitly anti-China alliance.* […]


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